The Sexiest Scenes of All Time

The best of the best of erotic handholding & meaningful glances.

By Beth Meroski

Part one of a series

Sorry to disappoint, but this post will not include discussion of Halle Berry’s breasts inMonster’s Ball.  Instead, we shall direct our attention to Keira Knightley’s hands and Mia Wasikowska’s eyes, in scenes from film adaptations of Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë novels.  I wonder how many male readers I’ve just lost.  Maybe this will win you back: I didn’t rule out discussion of ALL breasts…

As anyone who has ever seen Lost in Translation or Inception (and if you haven’t…DO) knows, often the most meaningful moments in film are the byproducts of wasn’t isn’t said – or for the purposes of this article – done.

Below are my favorite love scenes where the whisper of intimacy  pulls your heartstrings exponentially harder than any typical soft-core-groping scene.

Pride and Prejudice (2005): The moment when…Mr. Darcy assists Elizabeth Bennett into a carriage.

Necessary background info: Set in Regency Era England. Men and women didn’t go around touching each other willy nilly. This is the first time Elizabeth and Darcy touch, and prior to this scene Elizabeth believed that Mr. Darcy disliked her.

The glancing and the hand touching is super duper, but when Matthew MacFayden (Mr. Darcy) does that thing with his hand, this tiny seemingly inconsequential interaction is turned into a moment chock full of subtext. In the director’s commentary, the brilliant Joe Wright has this to say about the scene: “I hate these carriage scenes. It’s really boring to shoot..There’s no emotion to driving really. But there’s the emotion.”

Jane Eyre (2011): The moment when…Jane and Mr. Rochester kiss but don’t kiss.

Necessary background info: Again, set in an era in stuffy England when males and females tread lightly in terms of flirtation. This kind of intimate moment between Jane and Mr. Rochester would only occur if they meant business. And they do. (Spoiler alert: This movie ends with a marriage proposal. AND one of these two people becomes a cripple! You’ll have to watch to find out…)

Yeep. PLEASE let me know if any raunchy doin’-it scene has ever been sexier than that^. Not possible.

Adaptation (2002): The moment when…Charlie and Alice the Waitress graze fingertips…and then Alice shows her boobs.

Necessary background info: This movie is about Charlie Kaufman writing a screenplay about Charlie Kaufman writing a screenplay. The screenplay of this movie was written by Charlie Kaufman. Also, this is a dream sequence. Lastly, sorry about the watermark.

You can feel it in your spine when their hands barely touch. Sadly, I did not think of this moment myself (thank you fellow Broken Sporker Mr. Jeremy Glass), but having rediscovered it, I adore it muchly. Female full-frontal done right.

Dear People of the World: If YOU have any suggestions for an “Ah, how lovely” moment of sexy non-sexytime from a film or television program, let me know in the comments below. I’ll take a gander, and maybe your suggestion will make it Part Two of this list!


2 Comments on “The Sexiest Scenes of All Time”

  1. Caitiff says:

    Thanks for the fleeting half-second of boobs. Also, well-done article.

  2. Great article! It immediately made me think of this scene from It Happened One Night:

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