The Sexiest Scenes of All Time Part II

More of the best erotic handholding and meaningful head-resting.

By Beth Meroski

Due to overwhelming demand (2 whole comments!), the sexiest scenes of all time are back.  Part one looked at scenes from films, so part two will focus on a cooler medium (media theory pun!!), television.

As a refresher: These are examples of love scenes that go no further than hand-holding, (or even head-resting) and are sexier for it.  So sit back and enjoy all the glorious strained anticipation.

Grey’s Anatomy: 2×27, “Losing My Religion” (2006): The moment when…Derek grazes Meredith’s fingertips over their dead dog.

Necessary background info:  Okay, yes there is a dead dog involved…but this emotional turmoil gives the scene added poignancy.    This scene is from the show’s last decent season, season two, when Meredith and Derek were broken up but sharing custody of their dog.  (For more on Grey’s Anatomy horrible downfall from an awesome show to a really shitty show, see this Broken Spork article by Madi Daigle.)

Ahhh the look on her face after he touches her hand :( .  And Ahhh the death of their dog is a metaphor for the death of their relationship.  But don’t worry, they totally “do it” about ten minutes later in the episode.

Speaking of shows that get their love interests together too soon….


The Office: 1×02, “Diversity Day” (2005): The moment when…Pam rests her head on Jim’s shoulder.

Necessary background info:  Jim has a big-time crush on Pam, but she is engaged to someone else.  This is the first physical contact the two of them have.   For more on Jim and Pam see this Broken Spork article by Jeremy Glass. There’s a lot of incestuous plugging on this post…(that’s what she said)

Remember when the Jim-smirk was fresh and new and exciting?  So much adorableness here.  This is an important moment in the Pam/Jim canon.  There is even an allusion to this scene when they get married five seasons later:

Exhibit A: 1×02 “Diversity Day”

Exhibit B: 6×05 “Niagara”



Doctor Who: 2x (Christmas Special), “The Christmas Invasion” (2005): The moment when…Rose sidles up to her new Doctor.  (Unimportant note: I think “sidle” is my favorite word.  Also, how great is it that UK shows have “Christmas Specials”?  I’m moving to England.)

Necessary background info: Hmm a quick recap of Doctor Who?  Oxymoron.   Doctor Who first aired in the UK in 1963.  This episode is from the 2005 revamp of the series.
The show follows the time-traveling adventures of a time-lord called the Doctor and his companions.  The Doctor is capable of regeneration, and in this episode the 9th Doctor has just regenerated into the 10th (played by David Tennant).  Throughout the episode the Doctor’s companion Rose (played by Billie Piper) is coping with the Doctor’s new face and personality.  Also, the Doctor’s hand is chopped off by the Sycorax leader but grows back.  Rose is kind of grossed out by it.  In this scene Rose is warming up to the new Doctor, and (fangirl squee) it is when you first get the sense these two fancy each other as more than friends.

Some good old fashion hand-holding – the perfect way to set up a season full of space and time shenanigans and innuendos.  Such a shame they (spoilers) eventually are ripped apart into parallel worlds…


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