“Best Week Ever”: My Week With Team Coco In NYC

Disclaimer: Before I start blabbering on about how awesome my life is, I would like to say that I have absolutely no idea how I got this lucky.

By Beth Meroski

Saturday was a haze.  I have no recollection of getting on a bus at Penn Station, traveling 250 miles from NYC to Boston, taking the Red Line and Green Line to Symphony, buying a bagel at Panera (With honey walnut cream cheese. Yum.) and ending up back in my apartment in the Fens. I don’t remember any of that, because I was too hungover.  Not from alcohol consumption.  From Conan consumption.  I’ve been home now for three days, and I still can’t shake the massive low that has followed the extreme high of working with the amazing people of Conan, in the greatest city in the world.

Five days ago I was at a Entertainment 720-level wrap party, standing next to Will Forte and Robert Smigel.  Today I studied the different forms of antonyms for my linguistics midterm.  That’s bunk.

All I want to do is relish in the memories of last week.  I shall now do so under the ruse of giving you fine people a behind the scenes look into the life of a Conan intern.

Last week, the kickassiest Conan interns of semesters past (and present) flocked to the big ole apple to be Conan interns once again.  When I interned this past January I moved around departments (shout out to GP and my lovely research peeps!), but this past week I was reunited with the good people who make teamcoco.com the spectacular (and Emmy nominated) website it is.

Sidenote: Something that surprised me about the Conan offices back in CA was the fact that they were just that, offices.  Were it not for the fact that they’re connected to a soundstage and located on the Warner Brothers studio lot – they could be the offices of a flagpole manufacturing company in North Dakota.  Of course, what sets the Conan offices apart are the brilliant, smart and kind (the rumors are true – nicest staff in the history of the medium) people who work at Conan.

Last week our offices, or should I say office in NYC was a little different.  As you can tell from the picture above and Conan’s accompanying tweet (“These are our show offices in New York. Either that, or I’m running for Congress.”), last week’s Conan headquarters was really just an overstuffed hotel conference room.

Now you’re saying “Beth, that’s cool that you’ve provided us with blueprints for the various Conan offices…but what did you do there?!”

As previously mentioned, I spent my days helping out the Team Coco web team.  Getting back into the role of “digital intern” was like putting on a warm towel fresh out of the dryer.  Or some other simile for niceness that is less weird.

It took no time at all to get back into the glamourous life of a Conan intern.  Every day I was doing stuff like: Organizing photos, buying 1000 pens at Staples, watching Conan beat up my boss, weeding through incoming fan corrections, appearing momentarily in the Triumph/Occupy Wall Street remote, sitting in on rehearsals, living off Fruit Roll-Ups and Chips Ahoy, entering meta data, building guest schedules on the site, going on more coffee runs than you can shake a stick at and my personal favorite task – going out to see and photograph the people who make it all possible: Conan fans.

Fans had travelled from as far away as Finland to be a part of the Conan NYC magic.  I’ve said it again and again: Conan has the nicest staff on the planet, but I also think he has the nicest fans as well (I think they took the whole “work hard, be kind” thing to heart. 🙂 I know I did.) Everyone I met was so genuinely thrilled to be there, that even in my most under-caffenated and exhausted state, I made sure to never take for granted how insanely lucky I was to be there.

This is partly because (and I don’t care if it’s mega-geeky to admit), a mere year ago I was one of those fans.   I was the one standing backstage waiting for a glimpse of Conan and La Bamba :).  Now here I was walking out the backstage doors with my all access pass slung ’round my neck.  Crazytown.  (And kind of badass).

Every evening, after walking out of the back door like BAMFs, my intern/PA-cronies and I got up to no good in the big city.  And by “no good” I mean we went to comedy clubs, drank beer and danced by ourselves at bars with jukeboxes until 4AM. I would like to take a moment here and thank the fine (paid) employees of Conan for taking pity and buying me many a beer. I feel like I’m painting a negative picture of Conan interns as a bunch of drunkards.  That is not the case.  One evening we stayed in and watch A Series of Unfortunate Events on basic cable.

I think one of my intern-friend’s (hey Drew!) best epitomized the overall feeling of the events of last week with this tweet:  @werdtroll: Drinking free beer next to my idol in the greatest city in the world? Yeah, I guess I’m having a good night.

He’s referring to the wrap party / after wrap party party in that tweet, and oh man was that a really good night.  So was every other night.  And day.  I’ve never been more exhausted in my life than I was last week. And I’ve never been happier.  Best week ever.

Final comments:

If you haven’t watched this yet and/or not cried, you have no soul.

Also, in my opinion this is the best remote in years 


2 Comments on ““Best Week Ever”: My Week With Team Coco In NYC”

  1. John Smith says:

    Conan Delivers Chinese Food is on par with old-timey baseball. Great write-up.

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