Holiday Gift Guide For Geeks

What to get the media freak in your life. 

By Beth Meroski

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and you know what that means: It’s almost CHRISTMAS.  Ah, the holiday season, a time for family, reflection, peace, prayer, yadda yadda yadda – what everyone’s really interested in are PRESENTS.  While receiving presents is fine and dandy, finding that perfect gift for a loved one is my personal favorite holiday activity.  Also up there: listening to Perry Como and watching The Best Christmas Movie Ever.

If you’re reading this blog I’d gander you’re the type of guy/gal interested in pop culture and media.  I’ve therefore compiled a variety of gift guides to aid you in your holiday shopping for the fellow media geeks in your life.  While you’re at it, why not treat yo self.  PLUS – you can feel good about buying these products because most of them are  hand-made by independent creative crafters!

The guides are organized into seven different categories to encompass every type of media geek: TV Geeks, Film Geeks, Music Geeks, Sports Geeks, Lit Geeks, Gamer Geeks and Web Geeks.  Hey, aren’t those also the categories on Broken Spork? Why yes, they are. Hooray for synergy.

1) Adipose stress toy $24.98  2) Arrested Development Seasons 1-3 $24.99 3) Don Draper laptop decal $12.00  4)Knope 2012 T-Shirt $26.00 She’s got my vote.

1) Kermit Sweater $230.00 Buy this sweater, then go see The Muppets. 2) Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Vintage Vinyl Record $11.55 3) Rocket Man DVD $11.99 🙂 4) Edward Scissorhands mouse ornament $40.00

1) Brass Headphone Necklace $7.90 2) Crosley Turntable $109.99 3) PIANO purse $145.00 One of a kind and awesome. 4) Beatles Record Wall Clock $39.99 12″ record of Twist and Shout!

1) Live Long and Prosper Foam Finger/Hand $29.71 Perfect for the Trekker who’s also a sports fan. 2) Love Baseball Tee $20.00 3) Red Sox DEER HEAD $180.00 You can customize the deer head with your favorite sports team! 4) “I Love You Like You Love Playing Golf” Print $9.50 Great gift for dads.

1) “This Way to The Ministry of Magic” Toilet Decal $14.99 I’m pretty sure I’m buying this for myself. 2) 70th Anniversary Penguin Classic Editions of F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s works £14.99 each 3) Mock Pink-Leather Jane Austen Collection$325.00 I repeat, mock PINK LEATHER! 4) Pemberley Scoop Neck $22.00 Also recommended: Absolutely everything else at the lovely Jane Austen-themed Etsy shop Bookish.

1) Bulbasaur Necklace $14.00 You can even customize pieces with your favorite Pokemon! Visit Jenny Loves KawaiiEtsy Shop to learn more 2) Game Boy Color iPhone Decal Skin $6.00 3) Cross stitched “Home is where the Xbox is”$11.35 4) Noob onesie $16.00 For gamer parents of Noooobs.

1) Floppy Disk Pillow $38.00  2) Troll Face Coffee Mug $9.00 For meme lovers. 3) Kate Spade Keyboard Laptop Sleeve$60.00 4) “You are the CSS to my HTML” tee $25.00


Beth likes to watch and help make TV. You can follow her on twitter here.

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