The Summer of Love and Drugs

Breaking down the season 2 premiere of Shameless.

By Bryan Berlin

The second season of Shameless premiered last night, and it picked up in the summer after the long winter in Chicago. Here are the observations of summer Gallaghers vs. winter Gallaghers and other fun things.


Moneymaking Opportunities Are Much More Questionable

Drug dealing and fight clubs. Not the typical moneymaking schemes we’ve come to see from the Gallaghers. However, with Lip as the brains of the operations, nothing ends up being as dangerous as it seems (well besides Lip getting beat up when he has to sub in for one of the fighters). Whether its starting an underground fight club that makes money off of bets or selling weed out of an ice cream truck, these schemes are a little more wild and illegal than the simple act of stealing some food out of a delivery truck.


Two Changing Sex Roles

In the first season, Fiona was pretty much with Steve the whole season while Karen was pretty much with Lip. After Steve had to leave and Karen went kind of crazy, each girl is acting pretty differently. While she only hooked up with one person this episode, characters alluded to the fact that Fiona has been hooking up with a lot of guys. On the opposite end, Karen has entered Sexaholics Anonymous, which led her into a non-sexual relationship with a 37 year old addict. There’s no way that’s not going to go wrong at some point.


Frank Proved His Loyalty To The Family

After losing a $10,000 bet to a group of guys with questionable professions, Frank must find a way to raise the money. He decides to take Liam out while panhandling to earn some sympathy points, but when the guys he owes see him, they take Liam as ransom. In order to get him back, Frank does just about anything (including choking back some Ds) to get Liam back. Although Frank got Liam into the mess, it does show he cares about his family when lives are on the line, even if he’s pretty useless about doing something about it.


The Younger Children Are Doing Work

Summer presents the perfect opportunity for a daycare at the Gallaghers, and although Fiona is there at drop off and pick up, Debs is the one taking care of the kids during the day (which is also the only legitimate moneymaking scheme they have going on). Next door, the ex-cult member child of Kev and Veronica has been farming, and used her talents to make the weed that Kev and Lip are selling on the side. Because she’s so good at all, Kev ends up making much more weed than he’s ever made before, and they end up having to figure out what to do with it all.


That Old Chicago Charm

Although much has changed from winter to summer, Shameless still has those perfect moments that bring the community together. In the pilot, it was the bonfire at the beach. In the season two premiere, it was the burning of the excess weed. The community came together to get a contact high and just enjoy each others company in the best way possible.



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