Bryan Berlin
Bryan Berlin is an aspiring comedy writer and is the Creator and Editor-In-Chief of Broken Spork. You can follow him on twitter here.

Bryan Blatt
A 23 year old currently working in reality TV. Finally found a place where people can read my thoughts about stuff I love.

Katie Price
A Music Industry and Journalism student, Kathryn Price loves cats and cotton candy and will defend Katy Perry till the end. You can check out her work here, and follow her on Twitter here.

Andrew Childs
Andrew Childs is a Film Major at the University of Kansas and an aspiring TV/Film Producer.

Colin Peters
Colin is a journalism student and full-time optimist. He enjoys good conversation and provocatively short-shorts. Follow him here and have a good laugh here.

Beth Meroski
Beth likes to watch and help make TV. You can follow her on twitter here.

Jeremy Glass
Jeremy Glass is a total wannabe Bukowski except with excellent hygiene. He proclaims not to be a Nigerian prince, yet he always wants $10,000. Jeremy currently lives in Brooklyn, but hates dub-step, cats, and fun. Tweet and Tumbl.

Josh Tuper
Josh Tuper is a writer and comedian who has a deep love/hate relationship with all things pop culture. He’s sarcastic, witty, often times neurotic, and Jay Z may or may not be his biological father. Read his tweets and occasional tumbls.

Bruce Hamilton
Bruce enjoys snowboarding, board games, game shows, and showing off. Add him here.


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