Navigating The Television World

How to watch TV effectively.

By Bryan Berlin

As stated in an earlier article this week, I watch a lot of television. To give you an idea of just how much television, here are all the shows on TV I am actively watching: Shameless, House of Lies, Californication, Hell on Wheels, How I Met Your Mother, Two Broke Girls, Alcatraz, New Girl, Parenthood, White Collar, Suburgatory, Modern Family, Happy Endings, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, The Office, Up All Night, Chuck, Fringe, and Saturday Night Live. To save you from the math, that’s 14.5 hours of TV a week. I’m a sick person.

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Why I Don’t Miss Michael Scott

Handing over The Office to Andy Bernard.

By Bryan Blatt

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The Sexiest Scenes of All Time Part II

More of the best erotic handholding and meaningful head-resting.

By Beth Meroski

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Jim & Pam: Stop Raising Real-Life Expectations

Why TV relationships ruin my life.

By Jeremy Glass

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